Architecture & Construction

Introduction to Construction - 0.5 credit   (grades 9-12)
This course will introduce students to the construction industry.  We will cover many different topics where students will be able to complete hands-on activities to enhance the learning process.   Starting with shop safety and ending with individual student projects, students will be able to perform all basic skills involved in a wood shop by the completion of this course. 

Building and Trades - 0.5 credit     (grades 9-12) 
Required prerequisite: successful completion of Introduction to Construction.  Students will gain insight into the career of building trades by experiencing the practical skills needed to succeed in the construction industry.  This course will focus on residential construction techniques and prepare students by allowing them to learn the tools and techniques involved in the building trades industry.  This course includes the construction of a utility shed.

Cabinetmaking - 0.5 credit     (grades 9-12)   

Required prerequisite: successful completion of Introduction to Construction.  Students will delve into what it takes to be a master cabinetmaker.  We will go over many of the unique techniques that it takes to complete a piece of furniture or cabinet.  Students will learn how to utilize hand-held techniques along with learning how to operate specialized machinery including a CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) router table. Students will take part in class projects before being able to work on individual projects.   Students in this course will have the opportunity to earn dual credit at Mitchell Technical Institute.

Careers in Residential Construction - 0.5 credit     (grades 10-12)
Beyond the carpentry that goes into a new home, there are some other key players that make a house work without flaws.  In this course you will be able to work hands-on in the electrical, heating & cooling technologies and plumbing fields.  The class will have guest speakers from industry, along with state of the art equipment for you to learn on.  Even if you do not plan to pursue residential construction as a career, try this class out and gain skills you may need to fix your own house someday!

Introduction to Architectural Drafting - 0.5 credit   (grades 10-12)
People with careers in design and pre-construction create the buildings all around us. They turn a concept into a set of plans whether it’s a component, a system or a building. Their plans guide other construction or manufacturing professionals as they continue the building process. Students are introduced to tools and methods used by a skilled draftsperson and engineers.  We will start this class by going over the basics of drafting and ending the class using Autodesk Revit to explore the world of Computer-aided Architectural Drafting (CAD).  Students will get to create and design their dream home as a final project.  Students in this course will have the opportunity to earn dual credit at Mitchell Technical Institute.