Health Science

Health Occupations I  - 0.5 credit     (grades 9-12)                                        
This class is designed to expose the student interested in pursuing a career in the health care setting to the different occupations and work settings in the health care field. Students will be exposed to the different educational requirements, job demands, work settings, medical terminology, and practices of health care work.

Survey of Health Practices - 0.5 credit     (grades 10-12)                           
Prerequisite: Currently enrolled in or has successfully completed Biology. This class is designed to introduce students to medical terminology, career exploration, and basic health care skills. It will include an advanced first-aid / first responder emergency medical training component. Upon completion of this course, the student will gain a certification that may be used as an employment tool.  Students in this course have the opportunity to earn dual credit at Dakota Wesleyan University.

Introduction to Sports Medicine - 0.5 credit     (grades 11- 12)                                                      
This course is designed to give students an introduction into the field of athletic training and professions associated with sports medicine. The student will learn the very basics associated with prevention and care of athletic injuries, specific human anatomy, injury evaluation as well as treatment and rehabilitation. Students interested in pursuing a career as a certified athletic trainer, physical therapist, physician, or other health care professional will benefit from this course.  Students in this course have the opportunity to earn dual credit at Dakota Wesleyan University.

Health Science Youth Internship - 1 credit     (grades 12)
The class consists of approximately seven weeks of classroom time to learn and develop skills needed to enter the work force.  Each student will be assigned a job based on student input, needs, skills, and interests.  This will be an apprentice type program.  There may be the possibility for some compensation.  Students will receive credit for the class that applies toward graduation requirements upon successful completion.  Additional requirements must be met.  Please contact Mr. Gropper for the details.  
(Covers 2 periods /1 semester - offered in the fall only)