Nutrition & Culinary Arts

Nutrition and Wellness - 0.5 credit     (grades 9-12)     
Nutrition and Wellness is a semester course designed to make students aware of nutritional needs. Students will explore and gain knowledge related to nutrition concepts and food preparation principles that preserve the nutritional values of foods. This information will be applied to each of the five food groups in food preparation. Students will also explore nutrition from production to consumption.  Students who take this class should be willing to explore different types of food preparation in the kitchen, experience the taste of a variety of foods and enjoy working in groups.  Students interested in Culinary Arts or Dietetics and Nutrition should take this class.

Dietetics and Nutrition - 0.5 credit     (grades 11-12)                                        
Recommended prerequisite: Nutrition and Wellness.  Dietetics and Nutrition is a semester course designed to explore the dietetics field with an emphasis on disease prevention through improved dietary habits. Public interest in nutrition and increased emphasis on health education has prompted the need for nutrition education.  The course will cover nutritional cooking, the basic nutrients, cooking and eating more healthfully, special diets and providing food with nutritional appeal.  

Culinary Arts / ProStart Program
The ProStart program is a two year industry based program that prepares students for careers in the restaurant and foodservice industry.  Year one will be offered in the fall and year two will be offered in the spring.  There is a state culinary competition in the spring.  Internship opportunities are also available.  Students who complete year one, year two, and the internship can receive certification.  Parts of these classes will articulate to the Culinary Arts program at Mitchell Technical Institute.    For more information on the ProStart program, visit

Arts Courses:

Culinary Arts I  - 1 credit     (grades 10-12)

Recommended prerequisite: Nutrition and Wellness.  Topics addressed in Culinary Arts I include:  the history of food service, potatoes and grains, the lodging industry, the art of service , successful customer relations, preparing and serving safe food, preventing accidents and injuries, kitchen basics, food-service equipment, stocks, soups, and sauces, working with people, management, business math, fruits and vegetables, and building careers in the food industry.  Students will go through the Serv Safe training.  Guest speakers and field trips are also included.  (Covers 2 periods /1 semester)

Culinary Arts II  - 1 credit     (grades 10-12)

Required prerequisite: Culinary Arts I.  Topics addressed in Culinary Arts II include: desserts and baked goods, nutrition, breakfast foods and sandwiches, marketing and the menu, salads and garnishes, controlling food cost, purchasing and inventory, meat, poultry, and seafood, sustainability in the restaurant and foodservice industry, and global cuisine.  Guest speakers and field trips are also included.  (Covers 2 periods /1 semester)