TOY CSOY Celebration

KIDstruction requires a team of teachers, working together, to provide world-class education.

We take great pride in recognizing and celebrating the exceptional achievements of our Teacher of the Year and Classified Staff of the Year nominees, as well as the outstanding accomplishments of our MSD Classified Staff of the Year recipient, Becky Coats. Our district’s admiration is equally extended to our esteemed MSD Teacher of the Year, Traci Wilson, whose unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence has been an inspiration to all.  Just as a construction worker takes pride in a job well done, a teacher takes pride in the success of their students. The impact they have on the lives of others is immeasurable, and although a building may eventually erode and fall, your lessons, the lessons of a professional educator, will live forever. 

We are immensely proud to acknowledge and honor the exceptional accomplishments of our nominees for Teacher of the Year and Classified Staff of the Year.

The MCTEA Commons has been transformed into a stunning visual feast by the dedicated efforts of the district's employee of the year team, under the exceptional leadership of Lisa Heckenlaible and Chris Gubbrud.

Food Truck Alley was crafted by a talented group of MHS students, who were expertly guided by the artistic visionaries Marica Shannon and Alyson Palmer, both esteemed high school instructors.