Group pic

On Friday, November 10th the Mitchell Middle School Student
Council hosted a get together with local veterans in the MMS Library. 
Coffee and doughnuts were served, stories were shared among the veterans
and the students.  A slideshow on the Midwest Honor Flights was shown
and great conversations could be heard between young and old.  Taps was
played by MMS student Eliza Puetz as well in honor of all veterans that
have passed away.  The get-together was ended with a picture of the
veterans and students together.  A big thank you to all of the veterans
who attended, and those that were unable to attend, MMS would like to
thank you for your service and wish all of America's armed
service members a great Veteran's Day.  You are the true heroes of the
United States of America.  Thank you again...from a grateful nation for
your service to our country.